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After some time in the same house with the same décor, you may find it all starts to look boring. Your windows are an especially important focal point of your home that can make or break the design. If you’re tired of the same old window treatments, it’s time to revitalize your windows with a little change in décor.


Plants are often considered an outdoor decoration piece, as they can be messy. However, by inviting the lush green of nature indoors, you’ll liven up your home’s color palette and make your windows a more interesting centerpiece. Additionally, indoor window plants can help improve your home’s indoor air quality, ensuring you and your family breathe easier. Take advantage of all the beauty and functionality Mother Nature has to offer your home.

Wall Décor

If you want to draw attention to your windows, framing them with wall hangings can highlight that area of the room. Décor such as art, mirrors or other wall decorations serve to point out your home’s focal points. Place a large or particularly detailed hanging between two windows or surround a window with various art pieces. As guests seek to examine your décor, their eyes will fall on your windows as well, accentuating your home’s natural light or view.

Outdoor Décor

Sometimes, you want to highlight the natural light from beautiful windows but not necessarily the view. In these cases, you can install outdoor hangings that will block the view or add a new focal point to divert attention from other areas. A flowery trellis in front of the window offers a gorgeous floral view, while a bird feeder, flower box or outdoor window hanging is just something interesting to watch.

Drapes and Blinds

Of course, you can never consider dressing up windows without considering the classic look of drapery and blinds. These oldies-but-goodies are perfect for rounding out a room design and bringing your personal style to life. Layer textured, patterned or solid-colored drapes to play up your room’s color palette or theme. Blinds, too, don’t have to be boring and white. Consider matchstick, Roman or shades to change up your home’s lighting on a whim.

Redesign Your Windows

Whether you want to draw attention away from a terrible view or highlight your home’s lighting, dolling up your windows can help renew your home. To learn more about maintaining beautiful windows, contact Allied Siding and Windows online or call 713-946-3697.

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The first day of spring is Monday, March 20. While you may be ready for warmer temperatures and sunshine, your home may not. Ensure that you’re ready to welcome the sunshine without the need to spend lots of money on home improvement projects by taking these steps to get ready for spring.

Inspect Your Roof

Rain and variances in temperature can affect your roof over the winter. Also, when the sun comes back out, the radiant heat can cause cracking and buckling of existing roof shingles that may require replacing. To assess the state of your roof, call an experienced roofer who can perform a quick check-up to make sure your roof is ready for spring. Sometimes simple repairs, such as repairing flashing around vents or a few roof tiles is all that’s needed to ensure your home can run in an energy efficient manner.

Check Your Outside Faucets

Winter’s cold temperatures can damage your outdoor faucets, yet you won’t find out until you go to plant your spring flowers. Don’t wait for a surprise – turn on all the outdoor faucets you may have. Try blocking the water with your finger. If this is easy to do when the water is on full blast, you may have a crack in a pipe somewhere. You can also check your garden hose to ensure it hasn’t been the victim of dry rot.

Service Your Air Conditioning Unit

Spring is a great time to not only clean the inside of your home, but also your air conditioning unit. Calling the air conditioning pros before busy season to service the unit can help your home operate in a more energy efficient manner, which ultimately represents a cost savings for you. This is also a good time to change your interior energy filters if you have not done so in several months.

Ensure Your Windows Are Energy Efficient

Inspect your window seals for damage or areas where their seals are not properly fitting. This escaped air can mean big energy bills when springtime comes. Now is a great time to install energy efficient windows that will help you sail through spring and summer cool, comfortable, and spending less on energy bills.

For more information on how Allied Siding and Windows can help you get your home ready for spring, call one of our three locations: Houston at (713) 946-3697; Austin at (512) 674-3464; or Dallas at (972) 888-9988.

Springtime is on its way and, with it, the dreaded spring cleaning. For many people, spring cleaning is a cathartic way to welcome the warmer months. For others, it’s nothing more than a chore. Though cleaning your kitchen, bedrooms and living room is a given, spring cleaners often forget about their windows. Without a proper, thorough cleaning, windows can collect dust and dirt and significantly reduce the attractiveness of your home both inside and out.

Cleaning Interior Glass

Many homeowners insist on spray-on window cleaner and wadded up paper towels to clean their windows. However, using this method to clean glass simply shoves dirt around and creates a static charge that will attract more dust and dirt.

To clean windows indoors, you can rely on a few simple tools. You’ll just need a microfiber cloth, a squeegee and a spray bottle with soapy water. Spray down your interior glass and wipe it clean with the cloth to get rid of those annoying smudges. Follow it up with another spritz of soapy water and a quick pass with the squeegee to get rid of any leftover fibers. You may notice more natural light gets into your windows and brightens up your home.

Cleaning Exterior Glass

The exterior windowpanes are just as important as the interior because they are a major focal point of your home’s curb appeal. You can clean the outdoor windows in a similar way to your interior glass. This time, however, we’ll need a bit more cleaning power than just a spray bottle. For this job, fill a bucket with soapy water and use a soft sponge to thoroughly wet the glass. Squeegee away all the moisture and dirt.

If you encounter smudges or stains on the glass that are just plain stubborn, pick up a bottle of Barkeeper’s Friend and work it into a paste to rub onto the glass with a towel. The acid in the cleaner eats away hard buildup and you can easily rinse it off with water.

Window Tracks

Window tracks are one of the trickiest parts of your spring cleaning adventure. Those nooks and crannies hold onto dirt, dust, mold and bugs well enough to gross out even the most seasoned of window cleaners. For this job, you’ll need vinegar, Q-tips and paper towels. Spray down the entire window track with a healthy amount of vinegar to loosen the dirt and kill any mold. Run the cotton ends of your Q-tips along the track, sweeping up all that gunk. Follow it up with a rub-down from the paper towel for gleaming window tracks!

If you have particularly stubborn dirt and a spare electric toothbrush, you can substitute the Q-tips for some motorized cleaning action.

Enjoy Sparkling Windows All Year Long

Getting glistening windows doesn’t have to be a headache! With proper upkeep, your windows can look great for many years to come. If your home’s windows are just too old to function, however, Allied Siding and Windows has you covered with the industry’s top brands. To learn more about window replacement and upkeep, contact us online or call (713) 946-3697.

Replacing your windows with energy efficient ones is a way to not only improve the look of your home, but also to save you money on your monthly utility bills. Energy efficient windows are those that are meant to better insulate a home against hot and cold temperature changes. They also allow less ultraviolet light to come through the windows, resulting in a cooler home in the warmer spring and summer months.

With prices that average just 15 percent above traditional replacement windows, energy efficient windows
represent a small investment relative to their returns. According to Energy Star, a family will save anywhere from $101 to $583 a year after replacing single-pane windows in a home.

Many Reasons to Switch to Energy Efficient Windows

In addition to significant cost savings, there are many other reasons to choose energy efficient windows as an upgrade to your home. These include:

  • More environmentally friendly: Using less energy is a more environmentally friendly way to power
    your home. Because your air conditioner/heater requires less energy to cool or heat your home, you are placing less demands on fuel sources. According to Energy Star, replacing single-pane windows in a home saves 1,006 to 6,205 pounds of carbon dioxide, which is roughly the equivalent to as much as 317 gallons of gasoline.
  • More comfortable home: When your home’s windows aren’t energy efficient, the effect creates hot and cool spots in the home that can make it less than comfortable. By choosing energy efficient windows, you
    can create a home environment that is warm and/or cold where it should be.
  • Better protection for items inside your home: The sun’s ultraviolet rays can damage and fade items in your home. This includes rugs, artwork, wood, and furniture. With energy-efficient windows, as little as 2
    percent of the sun’s rays can get through, which results in significantly less damage to your personal items.
  • Less regular maintenance: Energy efficient windows result in less condensation build up around the window panes and frames. This reduces the incidences of mold, dirt, and water spots in a home. As a result, a person will spend less time on home maintenance and cleaning projects. Also, less mold is a health and safety benefit as mold can trigger asthma.

Come See Our Choices

Allied Siding & Windows offers many different types of energy efficient windows that can make a beautiful and updated addition to your home. We invite you to experience the many benefits of upgrading to energy efficient windows for yourself by visiting one of our showrooms and speaking to a windows expert about the many trusted brands offered to our customers. Our company never charges to remove and dispose of old windows and will make the installation process as seamless as possible.

Investing in energy efficient windows can offer your home great returns in energy savings. For more information on how to get them, call Allied Siding & Windows at (713) 946-3697 for the Houston showroom, (512) 674-3464 for the Austin showroom, and (972) 888-9988 for the Dallas showroom.

If your electric bills seem to be getting higher and higher each month, there’s a solution that can help:
energy efficient windows. Energy efficient windows are those that are meant to reduce the leakage of air
from a home’s cool environment as well as prevent overly cool or warm air from the outside coming in.
Additionally, energy efficient windows can reflect the sun’s warm rays back into the environment,
preventing your home from absorbing the additional heat.

What Are Energy “Inefficient” Windows?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if your windows are doing the job of making your home as energyefficient
as possible. To determine if it could be time for an upgrade, look at your windows and consider
the following factors:

  • Strong casts of sunlight: The warmth of the sun’s rays is meant to come through the home, but not so
    strongly that you need sunglasses inside your home. If the sun seemingly beats down on the inside of your
    house, this could be a sign your windows aren’t energy efficient.
  • Very hot/cold to the touch: Windows on the inner portion of your home should keep radiant heat and/or
    cold out – not let it in. If in the summer you see signs of condensation or even very warm windows to the
    touch, they likely aren’t very energy efficient. If the glass is excessively cold, it can give your home a
    drafty feel.
  • Escaping air: If the areas around your windows has escaping air coming through, this is almost the
    equivalent of letting money slip outside your home. Air that travels freely back and forth from the outside
    and inside makes your home significantly less energy efficient.


The Energy Efficient Difference

While purchasing new windows does represent an investment, the cost is often small compared to savings
on energy bills, an improved appearance to your home, and the reduced demands on your HVAC unit that
can help to make it last longer.

The cost savings for energy efficient windows can depend upon the type of windows you select. For
example, replacing windows in an existing home with triple-framed windows can equal a 37 percent cost
savings on cooling. Placing triple-framed windows in a new construction home can equal a 43 percent cost
savings for cooling on utility bills on a monthly basis. If your cooling costs are $200 a month, a 43 percent
cost savings can be $86.

Allied Siding & Windows offer a number of different energy efficient window options. In fact, the
company has installed more replacement windows than any other company in Texas. In addition to
increasing the energy efficiency of your home, Allied Siding & Windows works to make the process as
easy as possible by removing and disposing of old windows at no additional charge.

Investing in energy efficient windows can offer your home great returns in energy savings. For more
information on how to get them, call Allied Siding & Windows at (713) 946-3697 for the Houston
showroom, (512) 674-3464 for the Austin showroom, and (972) 888-9988 for the Dallas showroom.

When you’re considering replacement windows for your home, you have so many options to choose from. It’s best to start the process of narrowing down those countless options by deciding which type of window you prefer. Wood and vinyl windows are the most popular options in our experience here at Allied Siding and Windows. Let’s take a look at how these types of windows stack up to one another based on six points of comparison:


  1. Appearance

Many people prefer the beautiful look of wood windows over vinyl, but today’s vinyl windows are more attractive than ever before. The Andersen Woodright window line remains a favorite among our customers, as it brings the beauty of the finest hardwood into the interior decor of homes.

  1. Cost

Generally, vinyl windows are less expensive than wood windows, making them a popular choice for those who are on a limited budget and need to have numerous windows or every window in their home replaced.

  1. Energy Efficiency

Both vinyl and wood windows can help to decrease utility costs when they are properly designed. New windows can eliminate gaps and cracks that allow air to enter and exit your home, and some windows on the market today have advanced features that increase their energy efficiency even more. Vinyl windows from the Simonton Generation Windows Collection are available with optional Low E/Argon-Filled glass. These windows reflect the ultraviolet energy and provide added insulation. As a result, less warm air escapes from homes during the cooler winter months, and homes stay noticeably cooler in the summer.

  1. Durability

Traditionally, wood windows were considered to be far more durable than their vinyl counterparts. This is because traditional vinyl frames expand and contract in response to temperature fluctuations and often deteriorate faster over time. However, the latest vinyl windows from Simonton address these problems with special sash construction and fusion-welded frames that are ultra strong and extruded lift rails that do not become loose with age. These windows come with a lifetime labor warranty and a transferable double lifetime product warranty due to their unparalleled durability.

  1. Amount of Glass

Generally, vinyl windows have larger frames and less glass than wood; however, for some people the difference is not much of a concern and may not even be that noticeable.

  1. Upkeep

High quality vinyl windows are virtually maintenance free, while traditional wood windows are more labor intensive. Traditional wood windows fade in the sun and require repainting to maintain their beauty and protect their materials. Andersen’s Woodright windows address this problem. While their interiors are solid wood, their exteriors are constructed out of a more weather-resistant composite that reduces maintenance needs.

You may be surprised to know that there is actually a window that provides benefits of both vinyl and wood. The Andersen 100 Series windows are made from Fibrex, a blend of wood shavings, vinyl and proprietary materials. These windows are very strong and resistant to the elements, and we install them frequently in homes in the Austin, Houston and Dallas areas.

Still not sure which type of replacement windows is right for your home? We’ll be glad to discuss the options with you and help you reach the right decision. Contact us today or complete our online request form for a free estimate.

Replacement windows can improve the appearance of your home and help to lower the cost of your energy bills, but it’s important to remember that not all windows are the same. To ensure that you get the most for your money when investing in new windows for your home, keep the following things in mind:

  1. You Don’t Have to Use the Same Type.

Many homeowners mistakenly believe that they have to choose replacement windows of the same style and type as their existing windows, but this isn’t the case. Top manufacturers like Andersen, Simonton and Don Young offer windows in many styles and types, giving you the flexibility to choose what will best suit your needs.

  1. Materials Matter.

Even when you’re comparing two wood windows or two vinyl windows to one another, quality can vary greatly. For example, Andersen Woodright Windows are made from a wood composite material that is incredibly durable in the face of the hot weather that we get here in Texas and can outlast other wood windows on the market today.

  1. Energy Efficient Windows Provide Ongoing Savings.

Replacing worn out windows will usually lead to energy savings, but if you want to lower your monthly utility bill as much as possible, it’s important to choose energy-efficient windows. As an example, Simonton’s optional Low E/Argon-filled glass windows help provide extra insulation and reflect sunlight to keep homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

  1. The Installer Is as Important as the Windows.

When you’re purchasing windows, the who is as important as the what. After all, even the best replacement windows will not provide benefits if they are installed improperly. Our team at Allied Siding and Windows takes the time to ensure that each window installed is custom made and fitted properly to ensure best results.

  1. Your Lifestyle and Family Should Influence Your Decision.

As you consider replacement windows, it’s important to think about how you use the windows in your home and what your family needs to ensure safety. For instance, if you like to open the windows to let in cool air and you have small children in your household, double-hung windows that can be opened only on the top may be the best choice for your needs. Families that never open their windows would not need this benefit.

  1. You Often Get What You Pay For.

While it is important to keep to your budget when you are selecting replacement windows, you never want to sacrifice quality for price. Choose windows from a reputable manufacturer sold by an experienced installer to ensure the success of your home improvement project.

For more than 25 years, Allied Siding & Windows has helped homeowners in Austin, Houston and Dallas beautify and improve their homes with replacement windows. Our 14-point production checklist ensures the best results for every job we complete, and we never charge extra to remove and dispose of your old windows. Complete our online form today for a free estimate on replacement windows.

Window Replacement ContractorsMost homeowners today have heard about the money-saving advantages of energy efficient, more modern windows.  Most homeowners are also aware of the fact that a replacing windows is not an easy or inexpensive project.  In fact, the high cost of replacing windows can cause homeowners to put off this project year after year, even when it is obvious that the windows need to be replaced.  Here are a few things you should consider when shopping for windows, and a couple telltale signs that it is time to replace the current ones.

  • Drafts

If you feel a cool breeze floating through your home during the winter, it could be coming from a tiny crack in the window glass or window frame.  In addition, the seals around windows don’t last forever; if you experience drafts around the window when it is closed, it is also possible that your seals have failed and you’re wasting energy and money.

  • High Energy Bill

If you find that your energy costs have increased substantially or become extremely high, it is quite possibly time to consider replacing the windows.  Be sure to check other energy-related repairs as well, as wall and attic insulation may be an issue.

  • Window Glass Is Cold to the Touch

If you have single-pane windows, they will always feel cold to the touch.  Single pane windows are the least energy efficient and  they allow for the most heat transfer between inside the house and the outdoors. If you have double pane windows, however, they should feel only moderately cold when the temperature outside is super cold.

  • Window Painting and Repair

When windows reach the point that the paint is peeling away or cracked or if the wood frame is rotting and generally breaking down, it becomes more cost-effective to replace the windows rather than repair them.

  • Trouble Opening and Closing Windows

Wood windows often stick to the frame after several layers of paint. When the foundation of a home settles, window frames tend to bend and twist.  When that happens, the window sash can no longer move.  In addition, over time, casement window hinges and latches often rust, making them unusable.  When any of these issues occur, it is better to replace the window rather than attempt to make repairs.

  • Outside Noises Can Be Heard Clearly

Modern windows don’t just reduce heat transfer, but sound transfer as well.  If the noise from outdoors can be easily be heard inside your home, that is a clear indication that your current windows are outdated.

The replacement window industry is highly competitive.  Take your time to find qualified salespeople and experienced installers, because there are many who do not have sufficient training and expertise to get the job done efficiently and effectively.  Here are a few tips to follow when purchasing replacement windows and arranging the installation:

  • Get Multiple Estimates

Nobody likes to get estimates.  Even though it is a time-consuming process, this is not a project to become lazy or to take shortcuts.  Get at least three to five estimates because when you have a wide range of price quotes, you will be in the driver’s seat with negotiation power. Replacement window estimates are usually easy to get and salespeople are generally willing to accommodate your busy schedule.

  • Know the Scope of Your Project

Figure out which windows need to be replaced before working with a salesperson to get the estimate.  This will help you avoid having extra windows added into the estimate.

  • Sit on the Estimate

You do not need to immediately act on the estimate.  Window replacement is a big industry that has built-in room for negotiations.  Often, if you hold off making the purchase or signing the installation contract, you will find that the salesperson will want your close your deal and may be willing to negotiate a lower price.

  • Do Your Research Ahead of Time

Consumer Reports offers frequent replacement window ratings. Be sure to look at information related to energy efficient window replacements before making your choices.

Choosing an experienced home window replacement company to work with can help you receive a quality product and optimize your home’s energy efficiency at the same time.  If you are considering replacing your current windows or if you have additional questions, call Allied Siding and Windows.  Their service professionals are available to answer questions and to guide you through the available options; they will provide you with all the information necessary to find the right product to fit your window replacement needs.  Allied Siding and Windows has been serving the Houston, Dallas and Austin areas for many years and they sell and install only the best energy-efficient, high-performance window replacement products.   For more information, call the professional window installation team at Allied Siding and Windows today.

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Window Replacement ContractorsAs common as vinyl windows are today, it is hard to imagine that they have been around for less than a century.  Vinyl has become a strong and practical rival for traditional materials such as wood over the last fifty years.  Vinyl windows and doors are typically much more efficient than those made from other materials; they offer great design flexibility, minimal maintenance, energy efficiency and cost savings.

The word “window” comes from the Norse word “vindauga”, which loosely translates to “eye for the wind”.  The earliest windows were originally just holes in a wall.  At some later point in time, windows were covered with animal hide, cloth or wood.  Windows with shutters that could open and close were eventually developed and as time went by, windows were built that both protected the occupants from the environment and transmitted natural light.  Adding windows to a home was meant to be both functional and visually pleasing.

Because there was a shortage of materials such as wood, aluminum and steel in Germany after World War II, the Germans, in their efforts to rebuild their country, began to using a new thermoplastic, vinyl framing for their windows.  More than a decade later, BF Goodrich Company, a vinyl resin manufacturer, began vinyl window production, offering sleek designs similar to those made of wood or metal.  Vinyl window designs improved over time and they became quite popular by the mid 1990’s.  Today, most window manufacturers offer a wide selection of vinyl windows, in addition to more traditional wooden and metal frames.

A key factor for the popularity of vinyl windows has been its thermal efficiency.  More and more, homeowners are looking to save energy in their homes; one of the best ways to do so is to replace old leaky windows with new airtight, energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows.  By 1996, vinyl windows accounted for 45 percent of all residential replacement windows.  Today, vinyl windows account for nearly three out of every four residential replacement windows installed.

Besides energy efficiency, vinyl windows are now used to replace old windows in many homes for a variety of other reasons.  Some of the most attractive benefits include the following:

Pricing:  These windows are a high quality option that is truly affordable.  Vinyl windows come in a variety of price ranges that will fit within most homeowner’s budget.  In addition to being an affordable option for replacing old windows, the cost savings will continue as long as you have the windows.  The energy efficiency of these windows will help lower your energy costs overall, which is a real plus for most homeowners.

Durability:  Vinyl windows are built to last for years with little to no maintenance work.  Once installed, you can pretty well forget about them. You will never have to repaint or stain them and they are scratch resistant.

Easy to clean:  Probably the smartest feature in the design of vinyl window replacements is that they tilt in, so you can easily clean the outside glass from the inside of your home.

Custom choices:  Vinyl windows are available in a wide range of colors, finishes, shapes, sizes, and styles, making them a great choice – no matter what style of home you have.  You can easily find vinyl windows replacements that will match your preferences, along with the colors and décor of your home.

If you are in the market for new or replacement windows, vinyl windows are certainly worth consideration.  Choose an experienced home window replacement company, such as Allied Siding and Windows, to complete the job.  Allied Siding and Windows uses only top name, industry-leading windows. Their service professionals are available to answer questions and to guide you through the available options and necessary decisions to find the right product to fit your window replacement needs.  Allied Siding and Windows has been serving the Houston, Dallas and Austin areas for many years and they sell and install only the best energy-efficient, high-performance vinyl window replacement products.   For more information, call the professional window installation team at Allied Siding and Windows today.

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ASW - Protect Your Home with Simonton Coastal ProductsLike many cities along the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the U.S., Houston and Galveston are always vulnerable to tropical weather systems.  The most frightening of these weather events is definitely the hurricane, with its fierce winds and massive storm surge.   Other tropical weather systems can cause significant destruction as well. Tropical Storm Claudette dropped a U.S. record 42 inches of rain in a 24 hour period around Alvin, Texas; that record still stands to this day.   Although the impact may not be quite the same as a hurricane, a super strong tropical system can still do an incredible amount of water and wind damage.  If you live in the Houston area, or along the Gulf Coast, the question is this:  is your home ready to withstand a powerful weather event?

Living in the Houston area or on the nearby Gulf Coast, you know that strong windows are needed for your home.  Simonton Windows offers a line of impact-resistant coastal products (windows and doors) that are tested to withstand strong winds and flying debris.   These products are constructed using an outer layer of breakable glass and an inner layer of impact-resistant glass.   A heavy, yet undetectable, plastic interlayer is inserted between panes of the inner glass; this interlayer prevents the puncturing of the glass from any flying objects.  During a brutal storm or even a burglary attempt, the glass may shatter when it is struck, but it will not break out of its frame.  Therefore, the home and contents remain protected.

As a homeowner, you may be wondering whether or not you need to consider using impact-resistant doors and windows.  Every city and county has its own unique building codes.   These codes are created to ensure new, and even remodeled, homes have the best and safest building products used in them for their area.  Building codes are often susceptible to change, especially in coastal areas.  If you live near the Gulf Coast in Texas and you are looking to replace the windows in your home, be sure to work with your contractor or window installer before finalizing a replacement window purchase.  You should ensure that the windows you choose meet the specific building codes for your area.  In many coastal areas, it is typically mandated that impact-resistant windows (or windows with an approved shuttering system) be used in homes.

Many coastal homeowners are used to boarding up their homes, but if you install Simonton coastal windows, you can be assured that the shuttering or boarding process will no longer be necessary.  What a relief when severe weather threatens the area!  Not having to shutter up saves homeowners time, money and labor, and it gives peace-of-mind when homeowners are away from home and severe weather strikes.  It is also important to keep in mind that some insurance companies give discounts on homeowner insurance when code-approved impact-resistant products are installed.

If you are looking to replace your windows and you live in the Houston area, be sure to contact the professional team at Allied Siding and Windows.  Allied Siding and Windows offers several Simonton collections to choose from, including a variety of coastal products.  They are also an exclusive reseller of the Simonton Generations Windows Collection, with a variety of styles, designs and features available to fit your needs and home décor.  All collections include many window styles, such as double-hung, single-hung, casement, and picture windows, along with a variety of door styles.  Replacing your old windows with a Simonton product guarantees that you will be pleased with both the perfect look and the energy savings.  No matter what your needs are, Simonton windows are a perfect choice for your home.

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