Vinyl Windows – A Short History

Window Replacement ContractorsAs common as vinyl windows are today, it is hard to imagine that they have been around for less than a century.  Vinyl has become a strong and practical rival for traditional materials such as wood over the last fifty years.  Vinyl windows and doors are typically much more efficient than those made from other materials; they offer great design flexibility, minimal maintenance, energy efficiency and cost savings.

The word “window” comes from the Norse word “vindauga”, which loosely translates to “eye for the wind”.  The earliest windows were originally just holes in a wall.  At some later point in time, windows were covered with animal hide, cloth or wood.  Windows with shutters that could open and close were eventually developed and as time went by, windows were built that both protected the occupants from the environment and transmitted natural light.  Adding windows to a home was meant to be both functional and visually pleasing.

Because there was a shortage of materials such as wood, aluminum and steel in Germany after World War II, the Germans, in their efforts to rebuild their country, began to using a new thermoplastic, vinyl framing for their windows.  More than a decade later, BF Goodrich Company, a vinyl resin manufacturer, began vinyl window production, offering sleek designs similar to those made of wood or metal.  Vinyl window designs improved over time and they became quite popular by the mid 1990’s.  Today, most window manufacturers offer a wide selection of vinyl windows, in addition to more traditional wooden and metal frames.

A key factor for the popularity of vinyl windows has been its thermal efficiency.  More and more, homeowners are looking to save energy in their homes; one of the best ways to do so is to replace old leaky windows with new airtight, energy-efficient vinyl replacement windows.  By 1996, vinyl windows accounted for 45 percent of all residential replacement windows.  Today, vinyl windows account for nearly three out of every four residential replacement windows installed.

Besides energy efficiency, vinyl windows are now used to replace old windows in many homes for a variety of other reasons.  Some of the most attractive benefits include the following:

Pricing:  These windows are a high quality option that is truly affordable.  Vinyl windows come in a variety of price ranges that will fit within most homeowner’s budget.  In addition to being an affordable option for replacing old windows, the cost savings will continue as long as you have the windows.  The energy efficiency of these windows will help lower your energy costs overall, which is a real plus for most homeowners.

Durability:  Vinyl windows are built to last for years with little to no maintenance work.  Once installed, you can pretty well forget about them. You will never have to repaint or stain them and they are scratch resistant.

Easy to clean:  Probably the smartest feature in the design of vinyl window replacements is that they tilt in, so you can easily clean the outside glass from the inside of your home.

Custom choices:  Vinyl windows are available in a wide range of colors, finishes, shapes, sizes, and styles, making them a great choice – no matter what style of home you have.  You can easily find vinyl windows replacements that will match your preferences, along with the colors and décor of your home.

If you are in the market for new or replacement windows, vinyl windows are certainly worth consideration.  Choose an experienced home window replacement company, such as Allied Siding and Windows, to complete the job.  Allied Siding and Windows uses only top name, industry-leading windows. Their service professionals are available to answer questions and to guide you through the available options and necessary decisions to find the right product to fit your window replacement needs.  Allied Siding and Windows has been serving the Houston, Dallas and Austin areas for many years and they sell and install only the best energy-efficient, high-performance vinyl window replacement products.   For more information, call the professional window installation team at Allied Siding and Windows today.

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