Getting Your Home Ready for Spring

The first day of spring is Monday, March 20. While you may be ready for warmer temperatures and sunshine, your home may not. Ensure that you’re ready to welcome the sunshine without the need to spend lots of money on home improvement projects by taking these steps to get ready for spring.

Inspect Your Roof

Rain and variances in temperature can affect your roof over the winter. Also, when the sun comes back out, the radiant heat can cause cracking and buckling of existing roof shingles that may require replacing. To assess the state of your roof, call an experienced roofer who can perform a quick check-up to make sure your roof is ready for spring. Sometimes simple repairs, such as repairing flashing around vents or a few roof tiles is all that’s needed to ensure your home can run in an energy efficient manner.

Check Your Outside Faucets

Winter’s cold temperatures can damage your outdoor faucets, yet you won’t find out until you go to plant your spring flowers. Don’t wait for a surprise – turn on all the outdoor faucets you may have. Try blocking the water with your finger. If this is easy to do when the water is on full blast, you may have a crack in a pipe somewhere. You can also check your garden hose to ensure it hasn’t been the victim of dry rot.

Service Your Air Conditioning Unit

Spring is a great time to not only clean the inside of your home, but also your air conditioning unit. Calling the air conditioning pros before busy season to service the unit can help your home operate in a more energy efficient manner, which ultimately represents a cost savings for you. This is also a good time to change your interior energy filters if you have not done so in several months.

Ensure Your Windows Are Energy Efficient

Inspect your window seals for damage or areas where their seals are not properly fitting. This escaped air can mean big energy bills when springtime comes. Now is a great time to install energy efficient windows that will help you sail through spring and summer cool, comfortable, and spending less on energy bills.

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