Signs It’s Time To Replace Windows

If your electric bills seem to be getting higher and higher each month, there’s a solution that can help:
energy efficient windows. Energy efficient windows are those that are meant to reduce the leakage of air
from a home’s cool environment as well as prevent overly cool or warm air from the outside coming in.
Additionally, energy efficient windows can reflect the sun’s warm rays back into the environment,
preventing your home from absorbing the additional heat.

What Are Energy “Inefficient” Windows?

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if your windows are doing the job of making your home as energyefficient
as possible. To determine if it could be time for an upgrade, look at your windows and consider
the following factors:

  • Strong casts of sunlight: The warmth of the sun’s rays is meant to come through the home, but not so
    strongly that you need sunglasses inside your home. If the sun seemingly beats down on the inside of your
    house, this could be a sign your windows aren’t energy efficient.
  • Very hot/cold to the touch: Windows on the inner portion of your home should keep radiant heat and/or
    cold out – not let it in. If in the summer you see signs of condensation or even very warm windows to the
    touch, they likely aren’t very energy efficient. If the glass is excessively cold, it can give your home a
    drafty feel.
  • Escaping air: If the areas around your windows has escaping air coming through, this is almost the
    equivalent of letting money slip outside your home. Air that travels freely back and forth from the outside
    and inside makes your home significantly less energy efficient.


The Energy Efficient Difference

While purchasing new windows does represent an investment, the cost is often small compared to savings
on energy bills, an improved appearance to your home, and the reduced demands on your HVAC unit that
can help to make it last longer.

The cost savings for energy efficient windows can depend upon the type of windows you select. For
example, replacing windows in an existing home with triple-framed windows can equal a 37 percent cost
savings on cooling. Placing triple-framed windows in a new construction home can equal a 43 percent cost
savings for cooling on utility bills on a monthly basis. If your cooling costs are $200 a month, a 43 percent
cost savings can be $86.

Allied Siding & Windows offer a number of different energy efficient window options. In fact, the
company has installed more replacement windows than any other company in Texas. In addition to
increasing the energy efficiency of your home, Allied Siding & Windows works to make the process as
easy as possible by removing and disposing of old windows at no additional charge.

Investing in energy efficient windows can offer your home great returns in energy savings. For more
information on how to get them, call Allied Siding & Windows at (713) 946-3697 for the Houston
showroom, (512) 674-3464 for the Austin showroom, and (972) 888-9988 for the Dallas showroom.