All homeowners want to allow some natural sunlight into their home, but too much sunlight can have negative effects on your house, your budget and even your health. There are many reasons that homeowners may want to install reflective home window tints. The Top 7 Reasons to Install Window Tints 1. Protect your skin from […]

Summer is a favorite season for many. School’s out, so there’s a lot less traffic. It’s also when most people go on fun vacations or beach trips. And no matter how hot it gets, it beats having to shovel snow every day. It’s also a good time to do home improvement projects around the house, […]

It may seem like a first-world problem, but having a door that catches on the jamb every time you try to open it can be pretty aggravating. Also, depending on how extensive the door warping is, it may become impractical to just simply live with the issue. What causes doors to warp in the first […]

Maintaining the gutters is most likely not on anybody’s list of favorite things. However, this mundane task is crucial to preserve the structural integrity of your home. Maybe you or your spouse clear gutters of leaves every now and then, or maybe you’ve done a good job of providing them with regular maintenance. Regardless of […]

The roof is a massive, integral part of every home. No matter how you look at it, it’s one of those components that you can’t afford to neglect. Do so, and you’ll end up with leaks, mold, and structural damage, to name just a few issues. One of the easiest ways for your roof to […]

When most people think about windows, the first thing that comes to mind is an image of glass panes allowing sunlight into your home. In addition to giving you this sense of warmth, they also provide you and your family with views of the scenery outside. That said, there are many ways to incorporate windows […]

Your home is probably your pride and joy. Yet, even with all of the good memories and the safe haven it provides, it seems like it’s a never-ending quest to keep everything maintained in proper order. Mowing the lawn. Changing air filters. Recaulking windows. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Among all of the […]

As a homeowner, you likely take pride in every aspect of it: Landscaping, façade, picturesque front door and windows, a white picket fence. But in addition to all the things which make your home a reflection of who you are, there’s also a list of items that require regular upkeep and the occasional repair. In […]

The epitome of the American dream is to be a homeowner. While a laudable goal, it also comes with a long list of responsibilities that are all essential to keep your home structurally safe as well as to maintain its resale value. One of the items on this list is cleaning the rain gutters on […]

If there’s anything that has become common knowledge in recent years, it’s that hurricanes are getting much bigger and stronger each season. They’re also forming faster, so it’s not unusual to see several of them racing back-to-back towards a specific area. 2017 alone brought Harvey in Texas, Irma in Florida, and Maria in Puerto Rico. […]