What Causes a Door to Warp?

It may seem like a first-world problem, but having a door that catches on the jamb every time you try to open it can be pretty aggravating. Also, depending on how extensive the door warping is, it may become impractical to just simply live with the issue.

What causes doors to warp in the first place? Is there anything you can do to resolve it and prevent it from happening again?

What are the Main Reasons Doors Warp?

Warped doors can occur in any home, but they are more likely to happen in older structures and in homes located in a town with extreme weather changes. It’s also more likely to happen to taller doors. The reason this occurs could be due to several factors:

1. Stripped Screws

Inspect the screws that are holding the door together. If they are stripped, you’ll notice the door starts to catch as you’re opening or closing it. When drilling the new screws, decrease the pressure as the door starts to lift up into the stud.

2. Excessive Heat

Too much heat can cause the door to expand due to the moisture imbalance between the exterior and interior of your home. When the change in temperature is sudden, the expansion is even more dramatic and could potentially lead to the wood cracking or splitting.

3. Excessive Moisture

Humidity causes wood to swell. The issue is so common, some builders require homeowners to keep the air conditioner running in order to honor the warranty.

4. The Door Is Finished Only on One Side

Often, after the doors are painted, they’re glazed over with a clear finish to make the wood last longer. Or sometimes homeowners choose different types of finish to give the door a particular look, such as stained or a vintage feel. If this is only done to one side of the door, or if each side has a different finish, it may result in warping.

5. Improper Seal

If a door is already warped, removing it from the doorjamb and sealing it won’t achieve anything. When you get a replacement door, seal all six sides of it while all of them are even. In fact, if you don’t seal all six sides, the manufacturer or seller may void any existing warranties. If you’re storing new doors until they can be installed later, keep them in a dry area.

6. The Latch Is Misaligned

Even if the latch is off by the most minute measurements, it may cause the door to not close properly. If this is happening, do not force the door shut, as this can result in the door sticking to the door jamb, meaning you won’t be able to open it.

Can Door Warping be Prevented?

Yes. There are weather resistant doors, as well as doors made out of steel or fiberglass (which won’t expand and contract as wood does). In addition, you could apply polish to your doors (on both sides), twice a year.

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