The Advantages of Vinyl Window Replacements

There are certain changes that you can make to add value to your home, whether you are getting it ready to sell or you just want to upgrade your home.  Perhaps you are looking to complete a large renovation, such as finishing your basement or remodeling your kitchen, or perhaps you are thinking about some smaller home improvements.  One upgrade that often gets overlooked by homeowners is replacing old windows.

Completing a window replacement project is often a relatively simple, but necessary, upgrade project.  Vinyl windows offer superior insulation features, and they are engineered to withstand the forces of nature.  They are built with high quality materials that prevent energy from leaving or entering your home.  Therefore, they will help your home stay cooler in the summer and warmer in winter.  Even in the summer heat of Texas, a one-time investment in vinyl window replacements could substantially lower your utility bills.

Old aluminum and wooden windows often look beat up and out of style.  Aluminum windows tend to absorb heat, and they rust and corrode over time; wooden ones tend to rot and deteriorate due to constant exposure to various weather conditions.  Signs that it is time to replace your windows include:

  • Rotting window frames
  • Condensation on the panes
  • Difficulty opening and closing them
  • Feeling a draft coming in from the outside
  • Energy bills are too high

Vinyl Window Features

Vinyl windows are popular among homeowners because they are diverse and offer many different features.  Some of the most common features that are part of these windows include:

  • Energy efficient frames
  • Heavy duty security latches
  • Strengthening grids located between the glass

The Benefits of Vinyl Window Replacements

Vinyl windows are used to replace old windows in many homes because they have many built-in benefits.  Here are some of the most attractive benefits:

Durability:  Vinyl windows are built to last for years with little to no maintenance work.  Once installed, you can almost forget about them. You will never have to repaint or stain them and they are scratch resistant.  You will find that five years after installation, they will look as good as the day they were first installed.

Easy to clean:  Probably the smartest feature in the design of vinyl window replacements is that they tilt in so you can conveniently clean the outside glass from the inside.

Pricing:  These windows are a high quality option that is truly affordable.  Vinyl windows come in a variety of price ranges that will fit within most people’s budget.  In addition to being an affordable option for replacing old windows, the cost savings will continue as long as you have the windows.  The energy efficiency of these windows will help lower your energy costs overall, which is a real plus for most homeowners.

Going green:  Not only will new vinyl replacement windows lower your utility bills, but also less energy usage is just plain good for our planet Earth.

Easy to install:  Vinyl windows were not built to be complex.  As a result, most can be installed quickly with minimal effort compared to other types of windows.

Custom choices:  Vinyl windows are available in a wide range of colors, finishes, shapes, sizes, and styles, making them an option no matter what style of home you have.  Rest assured, you can easily find vinyl windows replacements that will match your preferences, along with the colors and décor of your home.

Replacing windows can be one of the single biggest value-added improvements a home owner can make.  Allied Siding and Windows, serving the Houston, Dallas and Austin areas, uses only top name industry-leading windows.  Using only high quality products in conjunction with their stringent construction and production practices, ensures an optimum level of performance, results, and satisfaction for every customer.  Contact the experienced professionals at Allied Siding and Windows for additional information about replacing the windows in your home.

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