Six Ways to Survive Texas Heat without Breaking your Bank

Summertime in Texas is infamous for being scorching hot.  So much so, that even the shortest walk outside during the summer in Texas can leave you breaking a sweat.  At the end of each hot day, you eagerly make your way home, in anticipation of being refreshed by cool air the moment you open the door. It seems as though you are beating the heat, but then your electricity bill comes – and needless to say, you feel a bit cheated by the heat.

Here are six ways to beat the Texas heat without breaking your bank this summer.

  1. Switch to energy efficient blinds. Blinds that work to fend off heat and block sunlight are your best bet during scorching hot summer.
  2. Invest in energy efficient windows, such as the Simonton Generations windows offered by Allied Siding and Windows. To see a demonstration of how the Simonton Generations windows keep out the heat, check out this video from Great Day Houston. Using Allied’s easy payment plan, you can get new windows for $5 per month per window.
  3. Switch your ceiling fan to spin counterclockwise. Fans spinning counterclockwise produce a heavier breeze, allowing you to stay cool in hotter months.
  4. Change your sheets to cotton. Fabrics made from natural materials, such as cotton, are the most breathable and help to absorb and disperse perspiration throughout the night, as opposed to synthetic fabrics which do not allow ventilation.
  5. Change your ac filter. This simple fix is often overlooked.  Changing your AC filter in preparation for the summer heat can help AC units more efficiently pump out cool air.
  6. Install a radiant barrier in your attic, such as the Energy Wise Radiant Shield offered by Allied Siding and Windows. Allied even guarantees this product will lower your energy bill by 25% year round.