Select Windows That Fit Your Home’s Style

Allied Siding and Windows - Select Windows That Fit Your Home's StyleIt is simple to find articles about beautiful window furnishings and window treatments in a variety of magazine articles and online advertisements and blogs.  You can find articles that discuss everything from drapes, shutters, mini-blinds and vertical blinds to roman shades and roller shades.  While those are great articles to give you a variety of ideas for window treatments, it is much more difficult to find articles that talk about the most important design feature in any home – inside and out – the actual windows themselves!

It’s easy to see that windows are a vital part of the overall look and feel of your home.  All you have to do is stand outside the front door and look up or stand in any room in your home and look around.  You will immediately see how much wall space is actually devoted to the windows.  When you walk into any room, notice how your eyes are drawn to the windows.  Chances are, you are not just looking at the view, but also at the actual windows.

The windows in your home are more than just pieces of glass.  Their size, shape, style and frame finish help create the personality of your house.  Because they can make or break a room, the color and finish of the windows is also extremely important.

Consider your windows as framed works of art.   As with any picture, the wrong frame can really detract from a picture, while just the right frame can make a huge difference. You wouldn’t put a beautiful old portrait in a brushed stainless or plastic frame, just as you would never put a modern poster or an abstract painting in a baroque-type frame.

In essence, the same effect happens with windows.  An older home with a specific architectural style should have windows that complement the overall look of the house.   Most people will  notice when a beautiful, older home gets replacement windows that just don’t match.   Windows that don’t match the architecture certainly stick out and detract from the home’s beauty, landscape and curb appeal.

Replacement windows, however, don’t have to be “one style fits all”.  In today’s home improvement market, custom manufactured windows are made to fit your exterior and interior home design as well as your window opening space.  It may be difficult to imagine, but they can be made just for you, allowing you to design the perfect window to match your home décor and style.   Today’s quality window manufacturers know homeowners need choices, such as the choice of two different colors or finishes in one window -one to enhance the exterior of the house and one to match the interior design and beauty of the room.

For example, a classic white trim might be the perfect choice for your Cape Cod cottage exterior look, but those interior rooms may look sharp with the warmth of a wood frame.  Just imagine choosing a white exterior trim and a wood grain finish such as maple, oak, or pine to match your flooring or the furnishings in the room.

While white is certainly a standard window color, there are times when it is just not quite right for the look you want to achieve.   Many window manufacturers offer a surprising selection of colors and finishes to suit a variety of tastes.  If you are ready to replace your windows, perhaps now is the time to be creative.  Try another shade on the exterior, such as colonial blue or forest green, and still have your warm wood trim on the inside.  Remember, the choice is yours!

While it is important to dress up your windows with just the right coverings and hardware, it’s equally important to choose the right window first.  You really can have fun choosing replacement windows these days because of the myriad options available today.  In fact, you might not even want to cover those windows once you see them installed.  They will be so beautiful that you will find they are a design element all on their own.

Choosing an experienced home window replacement company to work with can ensure you receive the quality product and service that you are seeking, as well as a customized look that matches your home decor – inside and out.  If you are considering  replacing your current windows or if you have additional questions, call Allied Siding and Windows.  Their team of service professionals are available to answer questions and to guide you through the available options and necessary decisions to find the right product to fit your window replacement needs.  Allied Siding and Windows has been serving the Houston, Dallas and Austin areas for many years and they sell and install only the best energy-efficient, high-performance window replacement products.   For more information, call the professional window installation team at Allied Siding and Windows today at 713-946-3697.

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