Radiant Shield is an Energy Saving Solution

Radiant ShieldThe idea of using radiant barriers to stop the sun’s heat from entering through the top of the house has been around for more than fifty years.  These radiant barriers have become quite popular recently with the green-building movement and they have been certified in recent years as energy-efficient home additions by the Environmental Protection Agency.  Radiant barriers are typically made of thin sheets of aluminum, which is a highly reflective metal that serves as a springboard for solar radiation to jump right back into the atmosphere. The aluminum is supported by materials such as craft paper, sheathing plywood, cardboard, mylar webbing, or fiber.

Radiant barriers can be either one or two-sided, and both styles definitely improve a home’s insulation.  Homeowners looking for high quality radiant barrier insulation materials will want to use a well-known brand with a very low emissivity rating (the ability to distribute heat and light internally) and a high reflectivity rating (the ability to push back solar radiation as it hits the barrier).

Radiant barrier insulation helps to save home energy costs typically by preventing the descending transfer of solar heat from the roof of a house down to the ceiling, through the walls, and finally to the floors.  Other forms of insulation, such as fiberglass batts and air-bubble foam insulation insulate the house by absorbing excess heat from the outside.  Radiant barrier insulation acts like a shield, deflecting the burning rays of sunlight from hitting the home and penetrating it.  Radiant barriers work best when installed in the uppermost part of the house, reflecting as much as 97% of all solar radiation trying to push into the house.  Installing radiant barriers in the outside walls of the house will also help deflect incoming heat caused by solar radiation.

In the southern “sunbelt” states and in tropical countries around the Equator, homeowners who choose to install radiant barrier insulation often experience an impressive reduction in their electricity bills.  Radiant barriers may reduce up to 40% of the entire flow of heat into the house, thus reducing stress on your cooling system.  With less heat coming in, less energy will be needed to operate the air-conditioning units.  Since less energy is used, homeowners experience a substantial savings on energy expenses.

It is certainly easy to understand why radiant barriers are fast becoming preferences in homebuilding, and it is not only because of the safe and environment-friendly energy cost savings; Radiant barrier insulation is lightweight, yet durable, and resistant to moisture, thus preventing mold and mildew from growing in the walls and attic space.

EnergyWise Radiant Shield™ uses the “radiant barrier” technology originally developed by NASA.  The cross-woven polyethylene materials, along with an aluminum layer, are used to create a radiant barrier and vapor retarder in residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings.  Radiant Shield™ is specifically engineered to include vapor-retarding properties that help reduce condensation that can lead to corrosion and deterioration of metal siding and roofing materials.

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