Pros and Cons of Bow and Bay Windows

Besides a white picket fence, one of the greatest ideals for a home is a picture-perfect window that serves as the focal point of a home’s appearance. For those inside the home, the window is an escape and place to look out to the outside world. Two window options that fit this description offered at Allied Siding and Windows are bow windows and bay windows.

Bow Versus Bay: What’s the Difference?

Bow windows are those that have four or more windows that come together to form a gentle curve. The windows can be fixed (do not open) or venting, which will open. By comparison, bay windows are usually a larger, fixed window in the center flanked by two smaller windows on either side. The windows on the side are typically venting windows to open on a cool summer day. Like bow windows, bay windows angle out slightly. Each can feature a bench of shelf-like area under the window where a person can comfortably sit and enjoy the sunlight.

Evaluating Pros and Cons

Both bow and bay windows can be a beautiful addition to any home. However, sometimes a home’s architecture or homeowner’s goals can guide the decision-making process. Some factors to take into account for bow windows include:

Pros: The gentle curved structure is often an excellent complement to a Victorian-style home. They also have more panes of glass, which can add more light.

Cons: Require more width to install the windows.

Factors to consider for bay windows include:

Pros: These window types are often complementary to a modern home, thanks to its angular lines. They also often protrude more into the exterior, creating more of a “nook” appeal.

Cons: Are not usually as wide as bay windows, which may not make as much of an impact. Can require a more complex installation to ensure air and water is appropriately sealed out.

Both window types can be modified in many ways to best enhance a home’s overall appearance. From interior and exterior colors to overall shape, there are many options. Additionally, both options are installed in an energy efficient manner, making them an excellent economic and aesthetic choice for your home.

If you’re unsure which window type can best suit your home, contact Allied Siding and Windows. We’ll gladly help you evaluate your options and help you arrive at the best decision. You can also complete our online form for a free estimate.