Preparing Your Home for Hurricane Season

Hurricane preparation is always something to keep in mind when you live on the Texas Coast. If a hurricane approaches, you need to have a well-thought-out plan in place that will protect your home. Make sure your home is hurricane season-ready by following the steps below!

Assess Your Tree Line

One of the most dangerous factors related to hurricane damage is the potential for loose tree limbs to harm your home. It’s important to remove damaged limbs, and/or trees in their entirety, when they show potential to break or uproot. Leaving loose branches and trees around your home, pose a threat in the middle of a hurricane. Make sure the trees you leave in your yard don’t have weak branches, have branches no longer than five feet, and have established root systems that won’t shift in heavy rain.

Consider a Generator

Should you lose power during a hurricane, a generator will provide the necessary backup power. Portable or fixed generators are available for purchase depending on your preference and need. Residents with generators should keep the backup power at least 20 feet away from windows to protect it from moisture and keep it stable.

Install Protective Windows

One common misconception surrounding hurricanes is that taping or boarding windows can serve as effective protection for your home. In reality, taping is most often ineffective. While it can cover tiny air passages around ill-fit doors and windows, it does not protect your home from debris damage.

At Allied Siding & Windows, we offer true debris protection with the Simonton Storm Breaker window panes. These windows are specifically created to reduce the risk of storm damage caused by window breakage. They are certified by the AAMA and designed with an impact-resistant KeepSafe Maximum glass, which serves as barrier against storms as well as theft.

If A Hurricane Approaches

When hurricanes do approach, it’s important to stay calm and informed. Stay tuned to the weather service for predictions on the storm and advice on staying safe. Make sure all doors and windows are secured, and if you are staying in your home, keep the generator and necessary supplies near you. Although hurricane protection planning can protect you and your home, they are never the substitute for staying alert and aware of the immediate situation.

To learn more how specialized storm windows can protect your home (as well as cut down on your energy costs), call one of Allied Siding & Windows three locations: Houston (713) 946-3697, Austin (512) 674-3464, or Dallas (972) 888-9988.