No Worries With HardiePlank® Siding

No worries with HardiePlank® Vertical SidingMany homes built between the late seventies and into the late nineties had what is known as T-111 siding installed on the exterior.  T-111 siding was a simple plywood siding that looked fine for the first couple of years after it was installed.  Unfortunately, over the course of several years, the siding started to look weathered as it began to deteriorate.  Because the T-111 siding was never designed to last more than a few years, homeowners needed to replace it fairly regularly to keep their home’s exterior looking fine.

The most obvious problem with T-111 is that it was actually made from plywood.  Over time, and especially in wet climates, the plywood separates or simply rots away.  This happens no matter how many times the siding is painted or treated.  Once rotting begins, the plywood becomes a breeding ground for bugs and fungus.  As the bugs have a field day within the planks, the rotting issue becomes even worse.

Vinyl siding was created in an effort to address the issues associated with T-111 siding.  Unfortunately, vinyl siding can cause similar issues.  With vinyl siding, moisture is often trapped over the course of time between the sub-siding and the vinyl sheets, causing rot to develop and creating a place for bugs to call home.  In addition, there is another issue that is unique to vinyl siding: extreme temperatures cause the vinyl siding to sag or become brittle.

Today, there is a much better siding option.  HardiePlank® Siding was designed, from the beginning, to stand the test of time.  HardiePlank® Siding resists damage from the impact of flying objects, fire, hail, humidity and thankfully, all types of bug infestation and rot damage.  The reason that it is so much more durable is that this siding is not made from materials prone to deterioration.  It is also important to note that HardiePlank® Siding will not warp, swell, crack or buckle, even in extreme weather conditions.

HardiePlank® Siding is made with a variety of materials all specifically designed to work together to protect the home and keep it looking beautiful for years.  Best of all, the siding selection is quite large; it is available in many different looks, styles and colors.  You can be assured that you will find just the right siding to fit your architecture style and landscaping, increasing your home’s curb appeal.

Once installed, HardiePlank® Siding will look the same year in and year out; the job of regularly painting your home will become a chore of the past.  This siding will hold its color for more than a decade, several times longer than wood siding.  If your home’s HardiePlank® Siding ever looks dirty, all you have to do is power wash it and it will look just as good as new.

Most homeowners are concerned about the safety of their family and their property.  HardiePlank® siding is a fiber cement product which means that it is resistant to fire.  This makes it a much safer choice over other siding materials on the market.  HardiePlank® Siding is recommended for installation where non-combustible construction is required.

Each home is different; if you are considering replacing your siding, you should talk to the professionals in your area as you look for the perfect siding solution to meet your needs.  Allied Siding & Windows proudly offers HardiePlank® Siding to our customers because we fully believe in the durability of this material.  Your home is important and we understand that you want to protect your home from the elements.  HardiePlank® siding allows you to do this, while providing you with a beautiful appearance for your home’s exterior.  Allied Siding & Windows can install HardiePlank® siding for a much lower cost than most other companies in the Houston area.  HardiePlank® Siding is the number one choice for most homeowners in the Houston area today and is currently installed on millions of homes throughout the country.

If you need to replace your existing siding, then choose a material that will remain beautiful and durable for many decades.  HardiePlank® Siding is simply the best material to use.  For more information or to schedule a free estimate, contact us today!

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