Why You Should Keep Your Windows Open in the Summer

The benefits of having energy-efficient windows that you can easily open and close is that, at the touch of a button or latch, you can let the outside in. As you approach summer, don’t let warm daytime temperatures keep you from cracking the windows open. Here’s why.

Reduce Pollution

Opening the windows and allowing air to circulate in your home during the summer can reduce the amount of indoor air pollution your family is breathing in. Many people are surprised to find out that indoor air can be subject to air pollution from pain, carpeting, new furniture, and cleaning chemicals. By opening the windows, you allow the fresh air to permeate your house and sweep out unwanted chemicals with it.

Appreciate the Greenery

Summer’s beauty is on full display when you open your windows to the outside world. From appreciating greenery and flowers in your home to listening to the peaceful sounds of the outdoors, there is often something very serene and calming about opening up windows.

Cost Savings

Opening up windows can also represent a cost savings. According to “Organic Life” magazine, it actually costs less to cool a hot home than to keep a home cool at a consistent temperature. This means you can open your windows and turn off that AC unit to save money on energy. If temperatures start to border on the unbearable you’re still making a good economic decision in terms of energy costs.

While some people may object to opening the windows in the summer for fear of bugs or other pests, if you have windows with protective screens (which are available from Allied Siding and Windows), these screens will keep pests out, but let fresh air in.

Strategic Tips for Opening Windows

You can orchestrate a window-opening plan that helps keep your home surprisingly cool, even in the summer. The idea to keep in mind is that hot air rises. Therefore, if you open windows in the downstairs area where the cool or shady side of your home is, this will allow cool air in. At the same time, open windows on the upstairs (if applicable) portion of your home where the sun is still hitting. This effect allows hot air to rise up, out, and away.

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