James Hardie HardiePlank® Siding

HardiePlank® SidingYour home’s curb appeal is the first thing that people see when they visit or pass by. If your siding is drooping, fading, or cracked, then your curb appeal is not as attractive as it could be. Many siding materials are susceptible to things such as insect damage, water damage, rotting, and a host of other anomalies that cause it to look older than it should. HardiePlank® Siding however, is resistant to all of these things and Allied’s partnership with James Hardie® means that homeowners trust Allied Siding and Windows to provide HardiePlank® Siding that will help their homes withstand a number of elements that typically cause other siding materials to fail.

HardiePlank® Siding will not fade. This means that you will never have to paint your home again unless of course you simply want to change the color. It will also stand up to things such as insect damage and rotting, two of the main reasons that siding has to be replaced. In addition, it does not burn like wood and will not chip or crack like brick. Overall, this is the best siding choice that you can make. It will help to protect your home from structural damage caused by the elements and looks beautiful at the same time.

HardiePlank® Siding is now the most popular brand of siding in the United States, appearing on millions of American homes, and no company installs more HardiePlank® than Allied Siding and Windows. Allied’s use of factory-trained crews, its signature 14-Point Production Checklist, and its unfailing commitment to customer satisfaction have earned Allied Siding and Windows the coveted HardiePlank® VIP Preferred Remodeler status.

Where inferior products like pressed wood and vinyl siding were once the order of the day, home improvement pioneers like Allied and James Hardie® are working to make America’s homes more beautiful, durable, and valuable with HardiePlank® Siding.

If you want to improve your home’s curb appeal and enjoy many years of beautiful siding, contact Allied Siding and Windows today. We can install durable and high quality HardiePlank® Siding on your home, giving you many years of a beautiful exterior.

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