Helping Houston Rebuild After Hurricane Harvey

At Allied Siding & Windows, we’re proud to have served the Houston area for nearly 30 years, and are truly grateful for our wonderful customers and the community in which we work and reside. That’s why the unprecedented destruction dealt by Hurricane Harvey hit us so hard – not just because our company and employees were affected as well, but also because of the destruction and pain inflicted upon our customers and neighbors, all of whom we consider part of our greater Houston family.

We Are In This Together

In the wake of Harvey, we’ve temporarily refocused our company’s efforts toward helping our community rebuild and recover. We’re doing so by offering an array of in-demand services, including dry outs, demolition and home repairs.

If you’re a long-time Houston homeowner or resident you’re likely familiar with mold. You may have even had it in your home in the past. In addition to all the structural and safety issues that accompany flooding, the risk of mold is especially high during times like these when everything is soaked through. Getting everything in your home to thoroughly dry can be nearly impossible without professional help.

We are rushing our dry out services to as many customers as possible to not only address the many sanitation and safety risks inherent with water damage but also the high risk for mold.

There are many homes in our area that no amount of drying will be able to fix. Even in homes that are salvageable there is likely a lot of drywall and structural damage that simply can’t be fixed without total replacement. That’s why we are also offering demolition and haul-away services for clients whose homes need to be either partially or fully demolished.

One of the most painful things to see in our community are the number of people whose struggles are compounded by a lack of insurance coverage for flood damage and an inability to pay for these costly rebuilds out of pocket. At Allied Siding & Windows we are doing our best to make these services as affordable as possible. We’re offering low monthly payment financing options and even 18-month no-interest financing to customers in need.

Work With a Reliable Neighbor – Not an Out-of-State Storm Chaser

There are, unfortunately, a lot of people out there willing to take advantage of Houston’s tragedy. Whenever a major disaster strikes an area there are always a slew of out-of-state storm chasing contractors who descend on the area to charge exorbitant prices, provide substandard work then leave with no way to contact them or hold them accountable for poor results.

When you hire a contractor to perform your Harvey-related repairs, make sure you’re working with a local company with a history in Houston. This ensures you can adequately gauge their reputation, and, if work is performed incorrectly, you can hold them accountable and have them fix the issues.

We want to ensure none of our neighbors fall victim to price gouging, disreputable contractors or bad customer service. When you call Allied Siding & Windows to help with your Harvey-related damage, you can expect to be treated with kindness, respect and urgency. We are all in this together, and your needs and the needs of your neighbors are paramount for our entire company.

Call us at (713) 946-3697 to get started and let us work together toward recovery.