HardiePlank® Siding is a Great Home Investment

HardiePlank® OptionsIt is often tough for homeowners to decide on the type of siding they want for their house. The decision may come as they are building a new home or they may currently have attractive clapboard wood siding – an overall look that they do not want to change. Sometimes the current siding is fairly old and no longer in good shape, so there is no choice but to renovate completely with new siding.

Homeowners often feel like they are caught between just two choices: install cheaper and often unattractive vinyl siding or spend an exorbitant amount on renovating the current siding. HardiePlank® Siding represents a good middle ground between those two choices.

HardiePlank® Composition

It is important to understand the composition of HardiePlank® Siding before making a choice . HardiePlank® Siding falls in the fiber-cement siding class, which combines cellulose fibers with cement-like materials. Basically, that means it is partly wood and partly cement.  If you were to break a piece of HardiePlank®, inside you would find a hard core interwoven with wood fibers.

HardiePlank®: A Green Building Material?

In today’s world of creating a greener, more sustainable environment, HardiePlank® Siding fits the bill.  First of all, the cellulose fibers that are used in HardiePlank® Siding do not come from endangered species of wood and, of course, cement and sand are certainly easy to get in great abundance.  Toxic materials (such as vinyl) are never used in the production of a HardiePlank® product.

An additional reason to consider HardiePlank® Siding as a green building material is simply that it lasts much longer than traditional wood or vinyl siding. The James Hardie Corporation, manufacturers of HardiePlank® Siding, provides a 50 year warranty on their siding product.  Chances are good, however, that HardiePlank® will last much longer than that, especially with proper maintenance.

Is HardiePlank® Fire Resistant?

HardiePlank® is definitely fire resistant, but it is not fireproof. Keep in mind that no siding is ever truly fireproof.  Even brick, when it used as a veneer siding, cannot entirely protect a house from fire.  A true masonry-built building would be considered fireproof, however solid brick walls are not a type of siding.

HardiePlank® does not contribute combustibles towards a fire. Because it is a petroleum product, vinyl siding is known to significantly feed the flames of a fire. Wood, obviously, is a highly combustible product. So, as far as fire resistance is concerned, you can be sure that it is resilient to flame spreading and is recognized for installation where non-combustible construction is required.

HardiePlank® Looks Much Like Wood

The main reason why many homeowners do choose HardiePlank® Siding vs. vinyl siding is because it looks so much like wood.  On close inspection, you will find that HardiePlank® Siding does not look exactly like wood. In fact, if you were to closely examine a piece of HardiePlank® Siding, you would see that the wood grain is not very deep and has a uniform pattern. To be perfectly honest though, most people do not look very closely at the siding on a house and therefore the differences are not considered to be noteworthy.

HardiePlank®: Thick as Wood and Paintable

HardiePlank® is almost as thick as any wood siding. In contrast, vinyl siding is quite thin. Vinyl creates an illusion of thickness by creating hollow, empty spaces underneath. HardiePlank® Siding runs all the way through.

HardiePlank® Siding leads the industry with expanded color options and unique styling.  Because it resists fading, you will be able to enjoy your beautiful new siding for many years without worries of repainting it, unless you simply want to change the color of your home’s exterior.  It is good to note that, unlike vinyl siding, a HardiePlank® product can easily be painted, if a color change is desired.

HardiePlank® vs. Insects and Vermin

Carpenter ants and termites are always a problem for wood siding. Insects do not care for  HardiePlank® Siding because, even though it does have that cellulose fiber, there is not enough to be of interest to wood-eating insects. HardiePlank® products are considered to be insect resistant.

Your home is your castle and Allied Siding and Windows understands that this means that you will want to provide your home with the highest quality products, including siding. If you need to replace your existing siding, then HardiePlank® Siding is an excellent choice. HardiePlank® Siding offers a number of benefits that you simply do not get with any other siding material on the market today. For more information…

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