Choosing the Best Window Type for Your Home

double hung casement

When it comes to window options, there are countless styles to choose from. Finding the right one for your needs and preferred design aesthetic can prove a daunting task. Double hung windows and casement windows are two popular options among consumers due to their affordability, ease of use and attractive styles, but which one should you choose?

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are known for their classic design and functionality, with two vertically sliding sashes that can be opened up or down. Their easy-to-use design and ability to tilt inward make it a breeze to clean the windowpane and frame from inside the house. Double hung windows are superior when it comes to air flow, as both sashes can open. On windy days, the top sash can be slightly opened, which is useful to avoid disturbing loose-leaf items like paper, mail or magazines on neighboring tabletops.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are another excellent choice because of their large window pane design and ease of use. Casement windows open outward using a latch and crank mechanism. To open casement windows you must first open the latches and turn the crank mechanism located at the bottom of the window. They’re the best type of window for an unobstructed view, as their large panes provide an ample view of the outdoors and are sturdy enough to weather the elements.

Casement windows are generally more energy efficient than other windows as their seals are nearly airtight, preventing heat loss in the winter. Casement windows can also provide a lot of air flow when cranked fully open, but it’s unwise to open them all the way on days with severe wind.

Find the Right Window with Allied Siding & Windows

At Allied Siding & Windows, we make choosing the right window easy with our fantastic window replacement services and brands. We utilize award-winning products to ensure our clients have the best looking and most finely crafted windows on the market. Some of our stellar window options include:

  • The Duration Window by Simonton – Available in 400 different color and design combinations, every Duration Window comes with an industry-leading 100-year warranty. These windows also boast exceptional energy efficiency, longevity and security with 23 contact points of weather stripping and one inch of space between two double-strength panes of glass.
  • EnergyWise Plus by Simonton – These stunning windows feature a narrow frame design and exceptional energy efficiency thanks in part to two double-strength panes of glass with a three-quarter inch of space between them. Each window comes with a double-lifetime warranty and is a perfect choice for climates that experience extreme cold to intense heat and humidity.

We also have two lines of stellar windows from Andersen and Don Young. All Andersen and Don Yong windows are also constructed with cutting-edge materials to protect and insulate against hot Texas summers. Allied Siding & Windows’ all-star staff of professionally trained installers ensure your premium windows are properly and safely installed.

Affordable, local and reliable isn’t a kitschy tagline. Texas locals know they can count on us to deliver when it comes to affordable, industry-leading products and efficient one-day installation services. Contact Allied Siding and Windows today to get an InstaQuote or schedule a consultation.