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minimalist living room
Have you ever thought about applying a bold, minimalist design aesthetic to your living room? If your current living room feels cluttered and dated, a minimalist approach that emphasizes visual space, natural lighting and essential comfort could bring a new energy to your living space. There’s more to going minimalist than simply gutting your living room of your possessions, however. True minimalism is about restraint, removing layers and living comfortably with just bare essentials. Here are some minimalist living room ideas to help you get started.

Utilize Restrained and Neutral Tones

Color choice is a minimalist essential. Subdued colors like very light shades of grey, white and subtle pastels create a calming sense and mesh well with natural lighting to create a warm, calm atmosphere. When it comes to adding in brighter colors, we recommend using the objects in your living room – throw pillows, rugs, greenery, coffee table, etc. – to create contrast while keeping the base of the room restrained and minimal.

Let the Natural Lighting In

Incorporating natural lighting is another excellent way to create warmth and energy while maintaining a minimalist approach. Bare windows are recommended, but if you’re concerned about privacy or temperature control, hang a thin curtain. Depending on your set up, a window upgrade could be in order as well. A professional window installer can help you get set up with stylish new replacement windows to match your new living room. New energy-efficient windows may also reduce your need for heavier curtains to prevent heat transfer.

Choose Your Displays Carefully

It’s a common misconception that minimalism eliminates decoration and discourages “stuff” adorning your tables, desks and countertops. Rather, minimalism calls for strategic, subdued décor, such as a single, small plant on a kitchen table or a well-placed book on the coffee table to create a focal point while minimizing distraction and clutter. For example, in the kitchen, placing a single fruit bowl on the countertop with everything else put away creates a clutter-free, yet stylish kitchen.

Use Similar Textures but Different Color Tones

Another key to decorating your living room is the strategic use of a variety of similar colors but different textures. Think about it this way; an entire room draped in white would be considered bland, but a room that features a sleek, white leather sofa, with light grey, plush throw pillows and a wool charcoal rug creates a lot of visual variety without stark, clashing colors. The idea is, since the items feature similar tones, they don’t overpower the senses. We recommend sticking to neutral and Earth tones.

Wood Paneling

The addition of wood paneling to the ceiling or walls is a unique, elegant way of incorporating some subdued contrast. You can try more traditional, vertical or horizontal paneling or a classic log cabin look, or you could opt for something a bit more unique such as a crisscross or decorative pattern. Avoid using bright or overpowering colors and instead opt for natural, subdued Earth tones or paint the wood paneling a subtle shade so it matches your furniture or walls.

Add Some Stylish Storage

You don’t need to eliminate your storage – after all, your things will need somewhere to go if you’re going to effectively unclutter your living space. A minimalist storage approach utilizes stylish and unassuming storage, such as floating shelves or small hooks on the wall. Large book shelves can also be hung from the wall to create more floor space. Larger storage solutions, such as dressers and cabinets, won’t affect your minimalist goals, as long as they’re within your restrained color scheme and aren’t draped in excessive decorations or patterns.

Begin Your Minimalist Transformation with Stylish New Windows

Taking a minimalist approach can appear more complicated than it is at first. The key is to keep things simple by stripping yourself of excess items and décor and opting for sleek and stylish where possible. It helps to take things one step at a time while reminding yourself that less is more in most cases.

If you’re ready to make an impactful change to your living space, like adding stylish new Simonton or Don Young windows, consider Allied Siding and Windows as partners in re-thinking your home design. With showrooms in Houston, Austin and Dallas, we provide ultimate convenience and only the best windows on the market. Get your no-cost InstaQuote by contacting us online today!

double hung casement

When it comes to window options, there are countless styles to choose from. Finding the right one for your needs and preferred design aesthetic can prove a daunting task. Double hung windows and casement windows are two popular options among consumers due to their affordability, ease of use and attractive styles, but which one should you choose?

Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows are known for their classic design and functionality, with two vertically sliding sashes that can be opened up or down. Their easy-to-use design and ability to tilt inward make it a breeze to clean the windowpane and frame from inside the house. Double hung windows are superior when it comes to air flow, as both sashes can open. On windy days, the top sash can be slightly opened, which is useful to avoid disturbing loose-leaf items like paper, mail or magazines on neighboring tabletops.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are another excellent choice because of their large window pane design and ease of use. Casement windows open outward using a latch and crank mechanism. To open casement windows you must first open the latches and turn the crank mechanism located at the bottom of the window. They’re the best type of window for an unobstructed view, as their large panes provide an ample view of the outdoors and are sturdy enough to weather the elements.

Casement windows are generally more energy efficient than other windows as their seals are nearly airtight, preventing heat loss in the winter. Casement windows can also provide a lot of air flow when cranked fully open, but it’s unwise to open them all the way on days with severe wind.

Find the Right Window with Allied Siding & Windows

At Allied Siding & Windows, we make choosing the right window easy with our fantastic window replacement services and brands. We utilize award-winning products to ensure our clients have the best looking and most finely crafted windows on the market. Some of our stellar window options include:

  • The Duration Window by Simonton – Available in 400 different color and design combinations, every Duration Window comes with an industry-leading 100-year warranty. These windows also boast exceptional energy efficiency, longevity and security with 23 contact points of weather stripping and one inch of space between two double-strength panes of glass.
  • EnergyWise Plus by Simonton – These stunning windows feature a narrow frame design and exceptional energy efficiency thanks in part to two double-strength panes of glass with a three-quarter inch of space between them. Each window comes with a double-lifetime warranty and is a perfect choice for climates that experience extreme cold to intense heat and humidity.

We also have two lines of stellar windows from Andersen and Don Young. All Andersen and Don Yong windows are also constructed with cutting-edge materials to protect and insulate against hot Texas summers. Allied Siding & Windows’ all-star staff of professionally trained installers ensure your premium windows are properly and safely installed.

Affordable, local and reliable isn’t a kitschy tagline. Texas locals know they can count on us to deliver when it comes to affordable, industry-leading products and efficient one-day installation services. Contact Allied Siding and Windows today to get an InstaQuote or schedule a consultation.

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The damage caused by Hurricane Harvey can’t be overstated. Many South Texas residents are still dealing with the aftermath of rebuilding and returning to a sense of everyday normalcy. It’s common to focus on rebuilding larger items, like flooring and automobiles, but smaller items, such as flood-damaged windows, can be problematic as well. How do you know if you need to replace your windows, especially if they’re still working? Here are some of the dangers of flood-damaged windows and what you need to know about replacing them.

How Moisture Damages Your Windows

Exterior damage to the window and frame may be the most obvious concern, but moisture trapped inside the window due to a seal leak can also be troublesome. Floodwaters are often dirty and contaminated with different kinds of bacteria. As water travels through the cracks and crevices in your window frame, it can easily get trapped in unseen areas, resulting in mold and mildew growth.

The health concerns presented by trapped moisture and mold growth are many. In addition to general respiratory irritation, mold can have serious implications for people with compromised immune systems, asthma or allergies. Floods and mold go hand in hand, unfortunately, so it’s best to be wary of all the ways mold can invade your home after a flood.

Double-pane windows are at high risk for mold growth after a flood. Floodwaters often get trapped between the panes, and over time, lead to bacterial growth and the potential for mold and mildew. Identifying leftover moisture in your windows after a flood can drastically reduce the health risks associated with mold and mildew.

There are a few things you can look for to identify excessive moisture trapped in your windows, such as condensation appearing between the glass panes and mold or mildew growing on the window itself. Unfortunately, it can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a year for these types of symptoms to present themselves. Be sure to keep a watchful eye on affected windows even long after the floodwaters have subsided.

Other Possible Window Damage

It’s also important to examine any exterior damage to the window caused by flooding when deciding whether it needs replacing. Certain types of windows are affected by storms in different ways, so what kind of windows you have will likely determine the action you should take.

Vinyl Windows – Vinyl windows themselves often perform best when it comes to repelling water damage, but their internal components, most notably the balancer, are very susceptible to water damage like rust and trapped moisture. The balancer is located on the inside of the window. It’s a small piece of metal that helps the window remain in place when open. If it becomes submersed in water, you could see issues with the functionality of your window down the road.

Wood Windows – Real wooden windows are very susceptible to the negative effects of flooding. It only takes about 30 seconds for wooden windows to swell up and become inoperable. If the window is protected by aluminum cladding, water can get trapped between the cladding and wood, creating the chance the window never fully dries and eventually rots or develops harmful mold.

Aluminum Windows – Aluminum windows, like vinyl, also fare well during storms and flooding. Most homes built before 1995 were made with aluminum windows. There’s still a risk of structural issues, like with the balancer problems listed above. If your home has been subject to excessive flooding, you should consider replacing your windows even if they don’t outwardly appear to be damaged due to the possibility of trapped moisture in between panes or within the window structure.

Window Replacement and Siding Replacements

Navigating the post-hurricane rebuilding process can be daunting. If your rebuild process involves replacing your windows, consider working with the trusted professionals at Allied Siding and Windows. As a business based in South Texas, we understand the importance of installing windows that are leak resistant and made to last, even during the harshest of gulf storms. Contact us for a free estimate by calling (713) 946-3697.

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