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raditional and timeless. Sleek and strong. Hardie® Plank lap siding is not just our best-selling product—it’s the most popular brand of siding in North America, protecting and beautifying more homes from coast to coast.

Brilliant color. Engineered to give your home a vibrant future.


Allied Siding and Windows has been serving the Houston, Dallas, and Austin areas for over 30 years. With A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau, Allied has earned its reputation as one of the best siding companies in Texas.

We’re proud to say that we have an A+ rating with the BBB. This means that we’ve been in business for more than three years and have never had any complaints filed against us.

We also have a 4.5 star rating on Google. If you want to see what our customers are saying about us, just search “Allied Siding and Windows” on Google and you’ll see some of the reviews we’ve gotten from satisfied customers.

If you’re in need of new siding or windows for your home or business, Allied Siding and Windows is here for you!


Our company is a full-service siding company that offers window and door installation, siding repair, blinds and shutters, custom made doors and more! We have been in business since 1999 and have been rated A+ with the BBB since 2004.


At Allied Siding and Windows, we take pride in the fact that we are one of the most trusted siding companies in the state of Texas. We have been providing high-quality service to our customers since 1985, and we have been awarded with an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

We are a family-owned company, and you can trust that your satisfaction is our number one priority. Our team has been installing siding for over 30 years and has over 100 years of combined experience in the construction industry. We strive to provide our customers with the best customer service possible by ensuring that all of our employees are happy and well taken care of so they can provide you with exceptional service.


We’re here to help you find the best replacement windows in Dallas.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

At Allied Siding & Windows, our mission is to provide you with quality products and services that help you save money on energy bills, improve the value of your home, and transform its look. We use only certified installers who will work with you to find the perfect product for your needs.

We have a wide selection of replacement windows and doors in Texas. We can help you find the perfect window for your needs—whether it’s energy-efficient vinyl or fiberglass replacement windows that reduce your utility bills or patio doors that allow you to enjoy fresh air year round.

When you work with us, you’ll get a quote that includes all of the costs involved with your project. We want to make sure you understand exactly what we are doing and how much it will cost before we begin. This way, there won’t be any surprises when the work is complete.



Looking for replacement windows in Houston?

If you’re looking to improve the look of your home and save on energy costs, we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Allied Siding & Windows is the best window replacement company in Texas. We offer a wide range of styles, colors, and options to fit your needs. With our certified installers, you can rest assured that every window we install will be done right the first time. Our warranty is one of the best in the business.

Our windows are guaranteed to transform your homes look, while improving its value!


Our windows are the perfect solution to help you save money on your energy bills. We offer a wide range of options, including:

-Double pane windows

-Low-E glass windows

-Casement style windows

-Awning style windows

-Double hung windows

-Bay and Bow Windows

-Skylight Windows

Our windows are made to stand the test of time. We are proud to have the most energy efficient windows in the industry. If you’re looking for a fast, reliable service at an affordable price, we can help! Contact us today to schedule a free estimate and consultation with one of our expert installers.


As a homeowner, you likely take pride in every aspect of it: Landscaping, façade, picturesque front door and windows, a white picket fence. But in addition to all the things which make your home a reflection of who you are, there’s also a list of items that require regular upkeep and the occasional repair.

In order to keep your home’s value, structural soundness, and curb appeal, it’s important to be aware of which repairs are essential.

Most Common Exterior Home Repairs

1. Siding Cleaning and Repair

Siding serves several purposes: It makes your home look beautiful, it promotes energy efficiency, and keeps external moisture away. But much like everything else, they don’t last forever. Depending on their material, they could last anywhere between 20 and 40 years. If you’re not sure whether you have to repair it yet, keep an eye out for the following signs: Water stains, cracks on the surface, sagging paneling, bubbling or peeling exterior paint, or mold.

2. Roof Cleaning and Repair

Depending on the materials used for your roof, its lifespan could be between 20 to 30 years. If you haven’t been keeping track of it, conduct regular inspections for signs it’s time for repairs or replacement. These include standing water on top of your roof, water leaks, water stains on your ceiling, mold growth, or missing shingles. If you have an attic, go up there and see if there’s any sunlight filtering through. Bring a flashlight or lantern along to check for any water marks.

3. Gutters

Maintaining your gutters should be at the top of your list. While they compose a small portion of your home, keeping water at bay is essential to prevent mold, rotting wood, leaks, and bug infestations. Every three months, use a spade to clean debris stuck in your gutters and hose them down afterwards. If they have any cracks, are sagging or rusted, it’s time to repair or replace them.

4. Window frames

Window frames are often overlooked. Generally speaking, they could last between 20 and 40 years, depending on the materials. However, there are many variables that could shorten that time frame, such as pressure washing, environmental factors, condensation, or poor installation. When they are damaged, your home will become drafty and your energy bills will increase. Inspect them once a year for any of the following signs they need to be repaired: It feels drafty around the windows, it’s difficult to open or close the windows, there are cracks on the panes or frames, water leaks when it rains, or there is condensation between the panes.

5. Peeling Paint

Keeping your home freshly painted ensures its curb appeal while preventing moisture from seeping into your home’s structure. However, before simply hiring painters to do the job, inspect your home’s surface for moisture damage. If it already exists, you want to take care of it before painting over it and possibly ending up with a mold or structural problem later.

6. Cracks on the Driveway

Cracked concrete poses a safety hazard for you, your family and visitors, and decreases your property’s value. It can be caused by excess water evaporating, extreme temperatures, or the passage of time. You should have cracks repaired as soon as you notice them, to avoid expansion and a more costly repair job.

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Preserve your home’s structural integrity and save money long-term by letting us help you. At Allied, Siding and Windows, we’ve been proudly serving Houston, Austin and Dallas for over 30 years. Let us inspect your home and conduct a comprehensive exterior repairs assessment. Contact us for more information about our services or stop by one of our showrooms!

If there’s anything that has become common knowledge in recent years, it’s that hurricanes are getting much bigger and stronger each season. They’re also forming faster, so it’s not unusual to see several of them racing back-to-back towards a specific area. 2017 alone brought Harvey in Texas, Irma in Florida, and Maria in Puerto Rico. All three devastated thousands of homes and flooded entire towns. Therefore, it has become increasingly essential to hurricane-proof your home before hurricane season begins.

When is Hurricane Season in Texas?

Hurricane season is the same for everyone, regardless of geographical location. It starts on June 1 and continues until November 30. As a state located on the Gulf of Mexico, Texas is susceptible to greater damage.

How to Hurricane-Proof your Home

While sometimes it’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk of damage, there are several things you can do to reduce that risk.

1. Install impact-resistant windows and sliding doors.

These are especially important in hurricane-prone areas like Texas. They provide the highest level of protection to your home during a hurricane. As a bonus, they also reduce solar heat coming into your home, making your AC system more energy efficient.

2. Install hurricane shutters.

If impact windows are outside of your budget, still prioritize protecting your windows by installing hurricane shutters. While they are a little more inconvenient because you have to install and uninstall before and after a storm, they do protect your home from hurricane force winds and projectiles. Installation is relatively simple and could be completed by one person.

3. Clear debris from your front and back yards.

When getting your home hurricane-ready, it’s easy to overlook things outside. If you have a swimming pool, place patio furniture underwater to keep it from blowing away. Place all tools, lawnmowers, barbecues, the kids’ playground, garbage cans, recycling bins etc, in a secure shed, garage, or storage unit to prevent them from becoming projectiles.

4. Pack a bag of essentials.

Keep at hand a first aid kit, as well as at least a three or four-day supply of batteries, non-perishable foods, water, flashlights or lanterns, cash, candles, medications, wet wipes, toilet paper, and fully charged backup batteries for your cell phones. Also, keep a radio in order to stay informed of what’s going on even when the power goes out.

5. Keep your landline.

While these may seem like a throwback, the reality is it’s common for cell phones to not receive any service signal after a particularly strong storm (such as a category 4 or 5). Having a landline ensures you’re able to call for emergency services such as 911 should the need arise.

6. Purchase a portable generator.

Even if it’s a small one, having a generator ensures you’re able to at least keep your refrigerator running. Ice becomes an invaluable asset when everyone has been without power for several days.

7. Anchor your air conditioner’s condenser unit.

Modern construction codes require them to be already anchored. However, if you own an older home, you’ll have to do it yourself. Contact an HVAC professional to help you do it. Once anchored, cover it with a tarp or board it up.

It’s also important to remember that the time to complete these tasks is now, when the sun is shining and you have time to go online and do some research. Once a hurricane warning has been issued, essential goods sell out in minutes.

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Preserve your home’s structural integrity and save money long-term by letting us help you.

At Allied, Siding and Windows, we’ve been proudly serving Houston, Austin and Dallas for over 30 years. Let us inspect your home and conduct a comprehensive hurricane-proofing assessment. Contact us for more information about our services or stop by one of our showrooms!

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