Benefits of Brick Veneer

What is Brick Veneer?

Brick Veneer is essentially a single layer of full-sized bricks installed adjacent to the exterior walls of your home. In comparison to solid brick walls, brick veneer is typically used as a decorative piece rather than bearing the weight of a home. Solid brick walls contain two layers of brick that hold the home together while veneer can be installed by the homeowner after construction.

The Top 4 Benefits of Brick Veneer

1. Very Lightweight

Compared to natural brick, veneer is extremely lightweight. The surface beneath brick veneer doesn’t need to have an excessive weight bearing element, making it easier to handle and manipulate during installation.

2. Lower Costs

This is one of the main advantages when it comes to investing in brick veneer rather than solid brick. It’s much more affordable in all aspects – spanning construction, installation, maintenance and cleaning.

3. Similar in Appearance to Natural Brick

Today’s modern brick veneers are made from clay and shale to ensure the feel and texture is virtually identical to regular brick. The only difference between the two is thickness. Solid brick is three times thicker than veneer.

4. Great Insulation

Because this type of brick has great insulation, it allows homeowners to use it almost anywhere in their home. Whether it’s on the walls, fireplace, kitchen, or siding, brick veneer creates the perfect amount of comfort and style.

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