Benefits of Replacing Your Home’s Roof

Benefits of Replacing Roof

How often do you think about your roof? This integral part of your home serves many purposes beyond offering protection from the elements. Having a good roof in place comes with a long list of benefits that impact many areas of your home. Below is a list of advantages that come with replacing your home’s roof.

6 Benefits of Replacing Your Home’s Roof

1. Increase your home’s value

Potential home buyers pay attention to a property’s curb appeal. In addition to simply making your home look better, replacing your roof makes it more likely that it’ll pass inspection without a glitch, making it more likely to close on that sale. And PS: A new roof can increase your home value by about $12,000, which means you’ll likely recoup the replacement costs.

2. Save on energy costs

Outdated roofs and poor insulation lend themselves to air leaks within your property. Even if you can’t see them, the HVAC system will run longer cycles to match the temperature set on your thermostat. So you’ll have a home that will take longer to either cool down or warm up and higher energy bills. To ensure your family’s comfort and save on your utilities, it behooves you to consider replacing an old roof.

3. Protect your home

Roof leaks aren’t only annoying and inconvenient. They can damage furniture, wallpapering, hardwood floors, result in mold buildup, and deteriorate to your ceilings. If not resolved promptly, entering water can work its way down all the way to your home’s structure. While some of the damage may be covered by homeowner’s insurance (such as water damage), other costs may have to come out of pocket. Some policies also limit coverage to how long you waited before you took action to remedy the leak.

4. Protect your family’s health

Mold and mildew don’t only affect your home’s structure. From throat irritation, worsening of asthma, or developing lung disease, exposure to damp environments can cause serious health issues for you and your loved ones. There is plenty of evidence that links indoor exposure to mold with respiratory tract issues.

5. Longer warranty

Depending on the type of material used on your new roof, the warranty could last for as long as 50 years, which is significantly higher than the standard 15-20 years. Do keep in mind that these extended warranties may only be valid if you provide your home’s roof with regular maintenance.

6. Peace of mind

Any time there’s a particularly harsh storm season or a hurricane watch, your To Do list becomes full of precautionary actions.  For instance, having enough non-perishable food and water, flashlights, batteries, a full tank of gas for your cars, and external battery packs for your family’s cell phones. The last thing you’d need is to worry about whether the roof, which  has likely guarded your home since the Jackson 5 were on the Billboard 100, will withstand category 4 winds.

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